Pequeño cámping residencial tranquilo y familiar. Máximo confort, suministro de agua, sistema de cloacas, electricidad y televisión por cable. Ideal para senderistas y cicloturistas amantes del campo y la naturaleza.


Oude Baan 110
2910 Essen


Tel.+32 3 667 20 31



Official labels

Green key label
The Green Key is an international eco-label tourism facility that aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change and to sustainable tourism by awards and promoting good initiatives. The Green Key aims to change the practices and behaviors of actors, guests, enterprises, authorities, and local communities, and its desire is to involve them in increasing their responsibility toward their own environment.


  • Bar o restaurant present
  • Bicicletes disponibles
  • Apte per a famílies amb nens
  • Connexió a internet
  • Aparcament disponible

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