people in wheelchair at a festival

Intro vzw

Looking for a concert at which body sonic chairs, hearing loops or sign language interpreters are provided? Need assistance during a festival? Want to know if a certain event is suitable for wheelchairs? ... You can search for accessible events on the Intro website. All events mentioned in the calendar (‘agenda’) are “Intro ok”, which means that the event is supported by Intro and extra provision is made for people with disabilities. Intro is a not-for-profit organisation that makes festivals, concerts and other events accessible to people with disabilities.


Calendar of Events

VISITFLANDERS' Calendar of Events also gives you a complete overview of all events that may be of interest to tourists taking place in Flanders in the next few months. However, due to the temporary nature of events, we are unable to provide verified information regarding accessibility. We therefore recommend that you always address any specific questions or requirements to the organiser of the event in advance. In this way you can establish whether a particular event is suitable for you.
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