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Since Flanders is about the size of Yorkshire, it's no surprise that it's an easy place to travel around. All of our cities are really close to each other and accessible by train or car. English is widely spoken and Flemish people are always ready to help out! All of our cities are really close to each other and accessible by train or car. English is widely spoken and Flemish people are always ready to help out!

By Air


  • Brussels National Airport - T. +32 900 70 000 - website
    Belgium's main international airport is located at Zaventem, about eight miles (13km) northeast of the city centre. The airport has regular flights from cities across the UK and Ireland.The airport’s rail station is immediately below the arrivals terminal. From here, there are fast and frequent services, not just into the centre of Brussels but to towns and cities across Flanders. A one-way ticket from the airport into Brussels costs €8.50, and the journey takes around 17 minutes.

  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport - T. +32 78 15 27 22 - website
    Located about 30 miles to the south of Brussels, Charleroi Airport has flights from low-cost carriers from Edinburgh, Manchester and Dublin. A shuttle bus connects passengers to Charleroi station, and the Belgian rail network.
    From June 1, 2014, the bus company Flibco.com will be providing a direct shuttle bus to and from the station of Bruges and Ghent with a frequency of nine return trips per day. This comfortable service is cheaper and often faster than other transport alternatives, such as the train and/or bus. Avoid bus or airport surcharges by booking a ticket in advance online.

  • Antwerp Airport - T. +32 3 285 65 00 - website
    Is located just a few miles from the centre of the city, and has regular flights from London City and London Southend airports.


The following airlines provide air service from the UK and Ireland to Brussels:
  • Belgium's main international carrier is Brussels Airlines , which offers regular daily flights to Brussels from Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, London Heathrow and Manchester.
  • bmi regional has daily flights to Brussels from East Midlands and Newcastle airports.
  • British Airways operates a daily service from London Heathrow to Brussels.
  • EasyJet has daily flights between London Gatwick and Brussels.
  • Aer Lingus operates daily services between Dublin and Brussels, and twice-weekly services to Brussels from Cork airport.
  • CityJet offers daily services from London City to Antwerp.
  • VLM runs a daily service from Southhampoton to Antwerp.
  • Ryanair operates services from Dublin, Edinburgh and Manchester to Brussels South (Charleroi).

By Train

Getting to Flanders is easy. Brussels is the heart of Europe. London, Paris and Amsterdam are all less then two hours away.

From London

Getting to Flanders by rail is easy. Eurostar operates regular, daily services between London St Pancras station and Brussels South (Bruxelles Midi / Brussels Zuid). Many of these services call at Ebbsfleet International, with a smaller number serving Ashford International. The journey time from London to Brussels is just over 2 hours. All tickets are valid to any station within Brussels (for instance, Bruxelles Centrale / Brussel Centraal), whilst ‘Any Belgian Station’ tickets, for just a few pounds extra, allow onward travel to any station on Belgium’s extensive rail network within 24 hours.
For more information on the Belgian railway click here.

It is also quick and easy to take your car by train to Flanders, using Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. The journey from Folkestone to Coquelles (just south of Calais) takes around 35 minutes, and there are regular departures throughout the day and night. On arrival, you’re directly on the French motorway network, about 38 miles from the Belgian border. (08443 35 35 35).

By Ferry

Travelling by ferry to Flanders is easy and relaxing, with frequent departures, and the chance to enjoy a meal, do a little shopping – or just enjoy the cruise!

Ferries between Belgium and UK

  • P&O Ferries - T. 08716 64 21 21
    P&O sails from Dover to Calais in around 90 minutes, as well as offering an daily overnight service from Hull straight into Flanders at Zeebrugge (just 11 miles north of Bruges)

  • DFDS Seaways - T. 0871 574 7235 DFDS Seaways sails from Dover to both Calais and Dunkirk. The services to Calais take 90 minutes, and to Dunkirk, the journey time is around 2 hours. From Dunkirk, you’re just a few miles from the border with Flanders, and around 45 minutes’ drive from the centre of Ypres.

  • MyFerryLink - T. 0844 2482 100
    MyFerryLink offers regular services from Dover to Calais, the journey taking around 90 minutes.

    MyFerryLink ceased trading on 2nd July.

By (your own) car, bus or camper

To the Low Emission Zone in Antwerp

As from February 1, 2017, Antwerp installs a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Among others, cars, busses and campers must meet certain conditions regarding their emissions to be allowed inside the zone (not applicable for mopeds and motorcycles). Especially fuel, the Euro standard and the presence or absence of a particular filter will determine whether your vehicle is allowed (or not) in the zone.

More information about the Low Emission Zone in Antwerp:

E-mail: info@slimnaarantwerpen.be
Phone: +32 3 22 11 333

Ghent also plans to install a LEZ as from Januari 1, 2020. Other cities and municipalities in Flanders will follow. By limiting access to heavily polluting vehicles in those areas, the air quality will improve. All for the benefit of our health.

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