The 'Hof van Busleyden' together with the 'Schepenhuis' and 'Brusselpoort' museum and the 'Lamot heritage centre' forms the Museum axis of Mechelen. This axis connects the North and South of Mechelen and wants to be the pivot of Mechelen as museum city in the future. The Hof van Busleyden closes off the axis near the northern old city border. It will probably take a few more years before the museum is thoroughly renovated. However, part of the collection, including the most valued pieces, remains open to the public. Two large themes are presented: on the one hand 'The former city as a self-conscious unit' with a model of the city in the year 1800: tangible signs of the acquired city privileges and a view to the organisation of the social and economic life (guilds, crafts,...) and on the other hand 'Mechelen as the city of arts and crafts': the evolution of Mechelen through the centuries, with special emphasis on sculpture and painting.


Frederik de Merodestraat 65
2800 Mechelen


+32 15 29 40 30

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