This well-preserved Romanesque style chapel with its colourful stained glass windows is pretty from the outside, but it’s what is on the inside that attracts most visitors. Built in the 12th century, this building houses a phial allegedly containing a clothe with the blood of Jesus Christ on it. Brought back by the Count of Flanders in 1150 who was on a crusade in the Holy Lands, it has never been opened since its arrival in Belgium.


Burg  13
8000 Bruges


T+32 50 33 67 92

Accessibility information

Access to the lower chapel of the basilica is possible via a double door one half of which is always closed, but which can be opened if necessary, for electric wheelchairs for example. The steps down to the lower chapel are fitted with a ramp. A lift was installed in the upper chapel of the basilica a few years ago to make it accessible to disabled people. During times of veneration, the relic is placed in a glass box that is only accessible via a number of steps. If someone has difficulty accommodating the steps, however, they can bring the relics to the person in question.

Local map

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