We recommend a visit to Wezemaal and its winery visitors' centre to discover the region of Hageland and its wine. You'll learn why this attractive area is known for its successful wine-making


Kerkstraat 16
3111 Rotselaar


+32 (0)16 61 64 15


Dienst Toerisme Rotselaar

Accessibility information

You need a little help for the step on the footpath. There is an accessible entrance at the back. A rollunder reception counter is provided. The clearance in front of the lift is limited, but manageable. The lift button is slightly harder to reach, but the lift is easy to use. The clearance in the bathroom is a bit tight, but manageable. There is sufficient space beside and in front of the toilet; safety rails are also provided. The exhibition space is easily accessible and the exhibited objects and texts are clearly visible. The video about viniculture in Hageland has a version with a voiceover for the blind and visually impaired persons. The wine cellar is also accessible but you may need some held to hold open the double doors.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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