The National Botanic Garden of Belgium is one of Europe's largest botanic gardens. Its location is just 3 km from the famous Atomium, and in easy reach of Brussels. You will discover a paradise for nature and plant lovers, and a historic domain that extends over 92 ha. Walkers and their families will enjoy this quiet haven strolling amongst century old trees, just some of the 18,000 plant species that grow in our garden. Discover plants from tropical regions in the Plant Palace, a complex of interconnecting glasshouses covering 1 ha and providing visitors with a wealth of fascinating plants from around the world. View orchids, tall palm trees, spiny cactuses and many exotic flowers. In the Evolution House, you will discover the origins of life on Earth, witness bubbling mud and find out what was on the menu of dinosaurs. Take an educational journey over a 450 million years of plant evolution from simple algae to our most complex flowering plants. Outside we have a wealth of plants that will intrigue, pathways meander through extensive collections of rhododendrons, conifers, maples, medicinal and herbaceous plants and much more. These provide a tapestry of refreshing colours and perfumes each season! Visit the National Botanic Garden of Belgium in Meise, you will be amazed!


Nieuwelaan 38
1860 Meise


Accessibility information

Wheelchairs and walking frames can be borrowed at the main entrance. You can find toilets for wheelchair users across from the Herbarium and near the Garden Shop. You can ask for a brochure with practical information for people with a disability at the entrance. For people with visual problems they have developed and tested a tour that is sure to have great appeal. We go and touch a palm tree, a carnivorous tropical insect trap plant and a water hyacinth, we feel the different climates in the glass houses und use a 3D model of the Plant Palace and relief maps of global climatic zones. The visitor's restaurant, Oranjerie, can be accessed via a ramp.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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