De Koninck brewery has opened a new Center multisensory and innovative beer in spring 2015. Visitors will experience the beer history of Antwerp and the brewing of the De Koninck beer in an interactive and multimedia setting. The latest audio-visual techniques will be used to give visitors a unique experience. The multifunctional centre will also act as a tourist information point which will make it the ideal starting point and gateway for a visit to Antwerp.


Mechelsesteenweg  291
2018 Antwerp


+32 3 218 40 48

Accessibility information

All locations that are a part of the brewery tour are accessible for wheelchairs: from the exposition rooms to the tasting room (here, the tables do not accommodate wheelchairs), and from the footbridge in the brewery hall to the shop, toilets and the locker space. Film fragments with sound are always subtitled. There are audio guides available.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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