To mark the 450th anniversary of Pieter Bruegel’s death in 2019, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium plan to open a Bruegel visitors’ centre in an original 16th century house in Brussels’ city centre. The house in the Hoogstraat is the ideal location to display the history and art of Brussels’ from this period, particularly as Emperor Charles (Charles V) had made Brussels his home, making it the powerful centre of his vast empire “where the sun never set”. This house will provide visitors with an authentic 16th century experience including a painter’s atelier. 

An entire floor, full of natural light, will be dedicated to Bruegel’s working methods. The original environment will be recreated through virtual and augmented reality tools, along with sensorial experiences that make the experience unique. The house is also within easy walking distance of the Fine Arts museum and its 16th-century art collection (Bruegel the Elder, Bruegel the Younger, Pieter Coecke Van Aelst, Frans Floris, Joachim Patenier, ...) and the Royal Library.


1000 Brussels

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