The Bruges Beer Museum is set up on the upper floors of the former post office building on the Market. With an iPad mini as a guide you can discover the most fascinating aspects of beer (and that includes trying some). You study the Belgian - and Bruges - beer history. You will get to known various beers and flavours, you will discover the subtleties of the brewing process... The kids tour lets children discover the story of the 'Bear of Bruges'.


Breidelstraat 3
8000 Bruges


M+32 (0)479 35 95 67

Accessibility information

The museum in not wheelchair accessible, but the blind and visually impaired can listen to all the texts on the iPad. In that case, 1 iPad will be provided with 2 headphones for the blind or visually impaired person and his/her companion.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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