From this manor, whose façade dates from 1722-172, the Bruges countryside was controlled. from 1795 to 1984, this building served as court building. Today it houses, among others, the City Archives and it is the repository of the written memory of the city. The house has an old assize court and a renaissance hall with a 16th century monumental mantelpiece in wood, marble and alabaster made by Lanceloot Blondeel.


Burg 11A
8000 Bruges


+32 (0)50 44 87 43

Accessibility information

There are two special parking places on the Burg. The access path consists of flat cobblestones. The entrance is difficult to access. A steep ramp can be placed on the 3 steps. You may need a strond push her. At the reception and counter enough circulation space is provided, but there is no lowered and drive-under part. There is an 15 cm-threshold at the entrance to the reading room. The Renaissance Hall can be reached and is accessible without thresholds. You may need some help to open the double doors. Large print explantions are available in the Renaissance Room.

Local map

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