The observatory and planetarium are situated within the beautiful surroundings of Beisbroek Park. The up to date Zeiss planetarium will take you on a magic-carpet ride among the mysteries of the universe. A full dome projection system (the first in Belgium) submerges you in the colourful beauty of faraway nebulae and rotating galaxies. In addition, you can visit the interactive exhibition and have a peek through the observatory's giant telescope. You also have the chance to make a genuine 'artistic' planetary walk, where the planets are shown as statues of their mythological representatives.


Zeeweg 96
8000 Bruges


T+32 (0)50 39 05 66

Accessibility information

You can use a hand on the somewhat steeper slope to the entrance. Inside there are two narrow doorways. A platform lift takes you to the planetarium where you can enjoy the magnificent star-spangled sky. You can see how the sun seems to move throughout the year, the ever-changing faces of the moon and the dancing of the planets between the shiny stars that goes on forever. The telescopes in the observatory are not accessible for wheelcairs, but the images visible through the telescopes can be projected on the planetarium dome so that everybody can enjoy them. With an ear loop system, people with a hearing impairment can also follow the comments and music of the presentations comfortably. If you have a visual impairment, you can request the services of an employee who will explain everything in detail. There is also an easily accessible toilet.

Local map

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