Historium offers an hour long totally involving experience in which sets, films, music and special effects coalesce into a magical experience. The audio guides, in your own language, will lead you through seven historically correct themed rooms that will stimulate all your senses. The associated interactive exhibition provides the historical perspective and recounts daily life in the 15th century as well as the history of Bruges. From the adjoining panoramic terrace you will be able to experience the similarities of the Golden Age and the 21st century. At the end of your visit you can enjoy a wonderful Belgian beer in the Duvelorium and then browse in the Historium shop and chocolaterie for souvenirs from Bruges and artisan chocolates.


Markt 1
8000 Bruges


Accessibility information

Relive the golden age of Bruges! Seven historic themed rooms take you back in time to a day in 1435, including through film and special effects. Hear the romantic story of Jacob, an apprentice of Jan van Eyck, and discover the interactive exhibition space with touchscreens, the panoramic view of the Market and the Duvelorium Grand Beer Cafe, the only themed Duvel pub in the world. You get in through an alternative entrance with lift. The story follows a specific route. A wheelchair user has to leave this route at various times in order to take the lift. Historium provides guidance to find your way on the alternative route. The floor is paved here and there, but the cobblestones are quite flat. The bar, Duvelorium, is accessible, but there are only high tables (96 cm). There is an accessible toilet with the necessary free space and grab rails. Just next to the door handle inside thereis little space. The texts in the experience attraction are rather small and not legible for everyone. The audio guide allows you to experience everything in your own language. A loop is provided for the hearing impaired.

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