From 1915 to 1920 the hamlet of Lijssenthoek (Boescheepseweg) was the site of the largest evacuation hospital along the Ypres Salient and is now the second largest commonwealth cemetery in Belgium. Today, Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery bears witness to more than four years of warfare, with the graves of 10,784 soldiers mainly British but also some French and German soldiers too. It also holds the grave of the only woman to be buried in a CWGC cemetery, a nurse, Nellie Spindler. The Visitor Centre, situated next to the cemetery, offers information on this unique site, including details about daily life in the hospital and the creation of the cemetery.


Boescheepseweg 35A
8970 Poperinge


T+32 57 34 66 76

Accessibility information

The cemetery is accessible with help via the side entrance, adjacent to the visitor centre. To open the bolt at the gate, help may be needed. The paths in grass are fairly accessible with some help.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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