At the corner of the Place Royale and the Rue de la Montagne de la Cour is the turn-of-the-century department store, Old England, an exceptional example of the Art Nouveau style by architect Paul Saintenoy. The stylish home of the Musical Instruments Museum houses a collection of ancient and rare instruments from all over the world. The museum, however, breaks with the tradition of simply creating a static depository for antique objects. It  operates as a new kind of modern music center, a working and learning space for music specialists, performers, researchers, children and students. MIM - Musical Instruments Museum, 2 rue Montagne de la Cour, 1000 Brussels. For more information call: (32 2) 545-0130 or fax (32 2) 545-0178 or visit their website.


Hofberg 2
1000 Brussels


Accessibility information

A spacious lift brings you easily to all exhibition rooms. There is also an adapted toilet and there are wheelchairs available. The museum organises workshops, guided tours and concerts for people with a learning disability, blind and visually impaired visitors and deaf or hearing impaired persons. The restaurant, with a beautiful view of Brussels, can be visited without visiting the museum and is also accessible.

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