Whoever enters the Old St. John site will certainly admire the tangible presence of the rich history of Bruges. Here was one of Europ's earliest hospitals. Later, the nineteenth-century St. John's Hospital was alto built here with its large, communal wards. These spaces were restored after the closure of the hospital and are now part of the conference and events centre Old St. John Site. They are particularly suitable for the organisation of meetings and conferences, fairs, events and all kinds of celebrations.


Mariastraat 38
8000 Bruges


T+32 (0)50 47 61 00

Accessibility information

The site has several entrances which are not all equally accessible. The access from the Mariastraat is the most accessible. No special parking spaces are available. You may need some help to open the door at the main entrance of the event centre and at the slope of the entrance via the Mariastraat. The side entrance to the catering business is perfectly usable. Most areas inside are easily accessible. There are two toilets fitted with grab rails, but the space in the toilet is narrow and the free space next to the toilet is 70 and 73 cm respectively.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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