Laughs and giggles for our youngest guests in Plopsa Indoor Hasselt!

Experience your very first sensations in more than 20 attractions, surprisingly hidden in this covered indoor theme park of no less than 13.000m².
Enjoy a world of fun indoors …
Brace yourself for a stormy boat trip on the Turbulent Sea, visit the exciting Play Tree and float around in the Wave Swinger. Our youngest guests enjoy some splendid adventures in Bumba’s Playground and jump in all directions with the Frogs.
… and discover the vast outdoor zone!
Now you can have even more Plopsa fun in the outdoor zone of Plopsa Indoor Hasselt. Chase the villains on the Flying Bikes, clamber to the top of the Climbing Mountain and indulge yourself to the full in the Dancing Fountains.

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt gives you a day of laughs and giggles whatever the weather!


Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70
3500 Hasselt


+32 11 29 30 40

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