The Red Star Line is an Antwerp icon. The legendary shipping company with the red star in its flag transported more than two million passengers from the city by the River Scheldt to America: poor European migrants in search of the American dream, but also wellheeled passengers on a pleasure or business trip to New York. The old warehouses on the banks of the river Scheldt are being developed into a commemorative site and museum, a topical place for reflection with a contemporary approach to emigration.


Montevideostraat 3
2000 Antwerp


+32 3 206 03 50

Accessibility information

The museum is easy to access. You may need a bit of help here and there, for instance to open the quite heavy entrance door. The reception desk in the museum has been partly lowered and is not beyond reach. The exhibition starts on the ground level. There is  big lift that goes up to the first floor. The tower and toilets also have a lift for access. This lift can be a little tight for some wheelchairs at (90 x 133 cm). Even though the space next to the toilet is tight (81 cm) the toilet can be used quite well by most people using a wheelchair. The tap at the basin may be problematic for people with impaired hand function. Blind or visually impaired visitors can request the hall texts in advance.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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