While beer and chocolate are often on the top of travellers’ lists, one would be remiss to pass a visit to the unique Memling Museum. Housed in St John’s Hospital, a medieval hospital formerly run by nuns and monks, it has a fascinating display of somewhat gruesome surgical and medical instruments. Equally interesting are the works of art by Flemish artist Hans Memling including his renowned wooden Shrine of St. Ursula. German born, this ‘Flemish Primitive’ from the 1400’s was one of the city’s great painters and focused on portraits and religious works.


Mariastraat 38
8000 Bruges


+32 50 44 87 43

Accessibility information

The museum is quite easily accessible for wheelchair users. You may need some help here and there on the somewhat steep slopes or when opening a heavy door. Not all, but most rooms are accessible. 1 hall through a small platform lift, the other rooms by a sufficiently large lift. The buttons on the elevator have relief indications for people with visual impairments. The exhibited material is good to visit for a wheelchair user. In the adapted toilet you may need held because of the narrow space and incorrect placement of the grab rail. The museum has two 'Plus Cases' which were developed specifically for children with hearing and visual impairments. That way, they can explore the museum at their own pace.

Local map

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