If you’re looking to fully take advantage all the city has to offer, stop by STAM first to fully immerse yourself in the town’s history. The 300m² map of Ghent on which visitors can walk is a unique way to get a lay of the land before continuing your visit.  A truly modern and multi-media museum opened in 2010, this isn’t a traditional or staid offering, but one that illustrates both the past and the future. From a tomb from the 1200’s to the temporary exhibits exploring the concept of urbanity, prepare to be impressed.


Godshuizenlaan 2
9000 Ghent


Accessibility information

A slope next to the cycle racks enables you to reach the entrance easily with a wheelchair. Both the abbey and monastery have a number of steeper slopes where you might need a hand. You need to negotiate a narrow passageway to visit the permanent exhibition in the abbey and the temporary exhibition in the monastery. A spacious lift will take you to all rooms. The STAMcafé and the toilet are also accessible. For guided tours you can request a sign language interpreter in advance.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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