While the town of Poperinge had its share of places for soldiers to have a beer, Reverend Clayton offered the troops an alternative– Talbot House. Open to both officers and infantrymen, it was an ‘Every Man’s Club’ and a comfortable retreat offering a library, tea, a walled garden and a chapel in the attic. By organising debates and concerts, the Talbot House offered a touch of refinement often so lacking in war. 

For 100 years, it has never stopped being the ‘Every Man’s Club’ it set out to be in 1915. Today you can still enjoy a cup of tea in the canteen, read a book, climb to the attic or even spend the night in one of the guest rooms.

Visit Talbot House until the end of June: 1+ 1 free entrance!

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Gasthuisstraat 43
8970 Poperinge


Tel +32 57 33 32 28

Accessibility information

The museum is accessible with help and extra effort. You might need help to open the rather heavy door at the entrance. The permanent exposition on the ground floor and the Concert Hall on the first floor are accessible to wheelchairs, although the steep climb on your way to the lift can be rather difficult to manage. The adapted toilets are too small for wheelchair users to use comfortably. The exposition in the garden, the ‘Slessorium’ and the Talbot House itself are not wheelchair accessible.

A brand new tablet application has been developed that takes visitors through the museum, garden and house. Each tour consists of a certain number of hotspots throughout the house, the garden and the museum. Once a tour has been selected the tablet will automatically show the visitor the direction in which he or she should walk. When the destination - in this case the first hotspot - is reached a “story” about that location will start to play. This story can contain video, a voice, a song, an image or even some text.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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