An innovative visitor centre is built in Nieuwpoort, on the site of the King Albert Monument, next to the Ganzepoot (Goose Foot) lock complex .The centre is dedicated to the deliberate flooding of the Yser plain, during the Battle of the Yser, to stop the German advance towards the French Channel Ports and the supply lines of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France. The top of the King Albert Monument offers visitors an impressive view of the plain. The BBC/HBO drama series Parade’s End, based on four novels by Ford Madox Ford, was partly filmed in Nieuwpoort and other areas of the Westhoek.


Kustweg 2
8620 Nieuwpoort


+32 58 22 44 22

Accessibility information

You reach the entrance via a long ramp on which you may need help. Inside there is more than enough circulation space. There is a desk that accommodates wheelchairs and all the data carriers and interactive elements are well visible and usable from the wheelchair. There is an easily accessible toilet. You can visit the panorama of the Albert I monument with the elevator. At the top, you may need help on a short but steeply sloping surface. The parapet blocks a good view on the landscape from the wheelchair.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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