This contemporary art triennial focuses on a single basic question: "What would happen if the five million visitors that come to Bruges each year suddenly decided to live here permanently?" Is the charming, 'medieval' Bruges able to serve as a source of inspiration for our globally developing mega-cities? Or is there no escape from the dark side of the monster metropolis of the future? Specifically for the triennial, renowned international artists and architects have been challenged to create new works that will be integrated into public spaces in Bruges. Through these imaginative works, they provide optimistic, future-oriented perceptions of the city in the 21th century, whilst at the same time warning against the possible dystopian consequences of contemporary global urbanisation. so in addition to Bruges' traditional swans and intimate city charm, in 2015 you can also expect intriguing, poetic and puzzling works of art in the heart of the city!
Bruges Triennial 2015


Markt 1
8000 Bruges


From Wednesday, May 20, 2015
To Sunday, October 18, 2015


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