The military cemeteries are the only tangible memory of the Great War for today's youth. They bear silent witness to the dramas that unfolded among the families on both sides of the war. It is impossible to recreate them all, which is why Mini-Europe opted for an original approach. It did the same for the reconstruction of the famous 1914 'Christmus Truce" on the front. The "Remember 14-18" project is founded on three pillars: - a route passing by 14 Belgian and European monuments that have a connection with the First Word War - Miniatures, at a scale of 1:25, of live military cemeteries at the war front along the Yser and Sambre rivers - Information on the consequences of the Great War for the European Union.
Mini-Europe Remembers the First World War


1020 Laken


From Friday, June 13, 2014
To Monday, December 31, 2018


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