You can visit the M-café for a drink and a bite to eat, during or after your visit to the M-museum. But this bar is wat more than just a museum bar and offers you the largest selection of regional beers in Leuven. Nice is also the knowledge and experience they have. They know what they do and what they serve.


Savoyestraat 10
3000 Leuven


M+32 494 50 40 82

Accessibility information

The cafe can be accessed via the entrance lobby as well as via the Savoyestraat over a sloping ramp.  To enter the cafe from the Savoyestraat some help will be required. The door is rather heavy and there is inadequate flat surface by the door. Help will also be needed on the sloping incline of the doorframe. Via the entrance hall there is also a slope for which assistance is recommended. The tables are too low for wheelchairs to be placed underneath. The adjacent room on level 1 is easy to access by lift and does have higher tables. The adapted toilet can be used with assistance.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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