In this cosy café located in an 18th-century building of Late Baroque style, customers will find famous Mechelen beers on the beer list, and there is also a beer shop featuring all sorts of "beery" gifts. The ground floor of the building is dedicated entirely to the beers of Brewery Het Anker, with several of their beers on tap. The upper floor is decorated with countless advertising panels and materials from the 30-odd breweries that have been located in Mechelen at one time or another. 't Ankertje is located on the Vismarkt, which is today a fashionable, trendy neighbourhood in the city.

Openings times: Daily, from 15:30, Saturdays from 11:00, Sundays from 14:00.
Number of different beers on offer: all of the beers from the brewery.


Vismarkt 20
2800 Mechelen


T+32 15 34 60 34

Accessibility information

The entrance and ground floor are accessible with assistance, room to manoeuvre is limited. Tables are somewhat high enough to place wheelchairs under. There is no adapted toilet.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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