Transforming the best cocoa beans into delicate couverture chocolate to heighten the pleasure of chocolate lovers: that’s Pierre Marcolini’s mission. Marcolini is a taste designer who pushes the boundaries on a daily basis, exploiting the evolution of tastes in the quest for a lighter taste experience while also introducing greater complexity and more texture. Marcolini blends aromas to create unparalleled taste sensations. Each chocolate is like a shrine, whether we are talking about pralines, truffles, discs, macaroons or other sweet creations. Excellence is the norm. Pierre Marcolini acquired fame and prestige as a pastry chef by winning  the World Pastry Cup in 1995 in Lyon and the European Pastry Cup in 2000 in Rome. Marcolini is based in Brussels, but has also opened stores in other Belgian cities in the last few years. Chocolate lovers can book a tasting session at Marcolini’s shop in Antwerp and for a small price sample two creations, perhaps with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea, while listening to a short talk about pralines and the Marcolini chocolate company.


Miniemenstraat 1
1000 Brussels


M+32 (0)2 514 12 06

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