Behind the 'Djangofolllies' label there is a festival that aims to honour Django Reinhardt as an exceptional musician. To Reinhardt, being a musician was not a job but a way of life, a way of meeting other musicians and of discovering the world, a way of putting the 'joie' in 'joie de vivre'.
It's no wonder then that 'Djangofolllies' presents various genres inspired by gipsy swing, or allows them to fuse and meld. Sometimes with young talent, then with established values, though you may also see them on stage together. And it is also no wonder that during a festival dedicated to Django Reinhardt - already in its 23th edition - there is also considerable room for improvisation. After all, wasn't Django the man who said to Duke Ellington: "You play, I'll follow".


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Da mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017
domenica 29 gennaio 2017


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