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Alison Cornford-Matheson

Alison Cornford-Matheson

  • Job: Canadian freelance writer and travel photographer based in Brussels, Belgium and the editor of Cheeseweb.eu, a travel resource for expats.
  • Favorite destination: Canadian expat in Belgium
  • Likes:Alison loves to discover Belgium's hidden gems - be they museums, shops, restaurants, castles, gardens or landscapes, and share them through her words and photos. She loves to travel the world with her husband, Andrew, and spend quiet nights reading with her cats and a glass of red wine. You can also follow her work on Google+
Con i carrelli per il cibo da strada che saranno la grande novità nel futuro della scena alimentare, Bruxelles è all'avanguardia del movimento per il  Cibo di strada a livello europeo. CheeseWeb vi guida verso i più raffinati cibi da strada.

A strong tradition of street food in Belgium

 Hot Dog - il buon cibo di strada a Bruxelles - Photo Credits Cheese Web Europe
When you hear the term ‘street food,’ you probably picture giant bowls of noodles in a steamy Southeast Asian market, or maybe grilled meat on sticks at a bustling Moroccan bazaar. You might even think of loaded hotdogs served from a cart in Central Park.

Either way, Belgium isn’t likely to be the first place that comes to mind. However there’s actually a strong tradition of street food in Belgium and, here in Brussels, there’s a new breed of foodie entrepreneurs who are taking that tradition to the next level.

When folks think of ‘Belgian food’ some of the first things that spring to mind are actually our street food offerings – Frites and Waffles ...

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