Estimats amics de Flandes,

Referent les mides COVID-19, trobaràs informació més detallada a la pàgina web oficial. Si desitges conèixer les recomanacions més recents pel nostre país, consulta amb les teves autoritats locals.
Cuida’t i cuida dels teus, i mantén-te segur i saludable.
Esperem rebre’t ben aviat de nou per brindar-te la nostra més càlida acollida.

Una abraçada,
Turisme de Bèlgica: Flandes  Brussel·les

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In order to give you a connection to incoming and tour agencies in Flanders and to find ideas for tours and travel packages, following practical information will be useful for you.

Please see the latest Covid-19 updates here.
Covid-19 FAQ`s (health, safety, international, etc.) here.

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Brussels Sightjogging
Brussels Running Tours
Sightjogging is a combination of sightseeing and jogging.  This fun and active way of discovering cities is becoming increasingly popular all over the world… and of course Brussels!
Our team of local and passionate guides will take you on standard and tailor-made running tours, discovering the many surprising faces of Brussels. We run at a comfortable pace, in fact we fully adapt to your pace. We also make frequent stops in front of the highlights, so the 9km tours are hardly a challenge if you’re able to run 5km straight.

Ideas for itineraries

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Tourist Run Bruges
Running, enjoying the city and discover Bruges in a different way.


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