If you are a travel agent or a tour organizer, on this platform you will find some useful information and up to date links on Covid-19 facts from Flanders, to assist you in planning your future tours to our destination. If you’re looking for promotional material or other useful information (not related to Covid-19), please contact your local team.

Latest information on Covid-19 and travel here.

More useful updated information about the situation in Belgium can be found on European website
„Re-open EU“ here.

Here is a summary highlighting key information (last update 11 July, 01:00 pm):

  • The golden rules remain in force, namely:
    - respect the hygiene regulations
    (wearing of face masks & washing/disinfecting hands: in public places where social distancing cannot be guaranteed and mandatory on public transport for all travellers from the age of 12)
    - organise activities preferably outdoors
    - take extra precautions for people belonging to risk groups
    - respect the physical distancing of 1.5 meters
    - face masks are obligatory in: all shops and shopping centres, museums, churches, theatres, concert- and conference halls, auditoriums, cinemas, libraries, all stations and platforms of public transport
  • Borders & Travelling:
    - as from 15th June 2020, Belgium opened its borders for travels to and from the European Union, and other European countries including the UK and the four other Schengen countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway). 
    - travelling to Belgium from outside Europe will be taken at a later stage
    - see the information on the relevant foreign ministry website
  • Accommodation:
    - since 8th June 2020 all accommodation (hotel, b&b´s, campings, holiday homes) reopened
    - advance reservations are essential
    - social distancing of 1.5 meters, wearing of face masks is essential, only one person is permitted at the check-in desk and no hand-shaking
    - access to disinfectants by guests and staff, disinfection of room keys guaranteed
    - holiday/vacation homes: max 10 people per group in one unit
  • Museums, historic buildings, sights, castles and zoos:
    - open since 18th May 2020 (with restrictions)
    - only individuals and families, group access not yet possible due to limited number of visitors
    - mandatory advance online ticket purchase (in certain cases with a requirement for a particular time slot)
    - disinfectants are made available onsite
  • Gastronomy / Restaurants / Bars:
    - restaurants, cafes and bars reopened their doors and terraces on 8th June 2020
    - only seated table service permitted (waiters have to wear face masks)
    - tables have to be spaced apart at least 1.5 meters   
    - advanced reesrvations are recommended 
    - max. group size: 10 persons
    - closing time: at 1 am the very latest
  • Guiding and Tour Escorts
    - a group for a guided tour can consist of a maximum of 20 people
    - social distancing of 1.5 meters, wearing of face masks is essential
  • Cultural and sportive events:
    - from 1st July 2020 onwards, cultural activities and performances will be possible for a maximum of 200 persons at indoor events, and 400 persons at outdoor events. These limits will be increased, as of 1st August 2020 to 400 persons at indoor events, and 800 persons at outdoor events, provided the health situation permits.
    - Further restrictions include: wearing of face masks, audiences to be seated, social distance keeping of 1.5 meters and purchasing tickets online in advance.
    - amusement parks, arcades, casinos and cinemas as well, will all reopen at this date under those strict conditions
    - from 1st August 2020: village fetes and funfairs may go ahead
  • Receptions & group activities: from 1st July 2020 on a maximum of 50 persons will be allowed
  • Festivals and other big events attracting masses of people:
    - cancelled until 31st August 2020
  • All kinds of shops are open in the meantime again. Restrictions: face masks are obligatory, social distance 1.5 meters, hand hygiene, electronic payment
  • Health & Safety: The Belgian State health care system provides free emergency care for visiting EU citizens, under the same terms as locals, using the European Health Insurance Card, EHIC (formerly E111). Anyone else requires private health insurance – e.g. tourists, as part of their travel insurance – in order to be able to recoup any potential costs, and recieve any non-emergency care (including repatriation) etc.
    Click here for more information.

     (the information contained in this website is subject to change without notice)
If currently in Flanders now, or planning a trip soon, those persons are asked to contact their respective government’s advice for the most up-to-date information, relevant to their stay.

We hope to welcome you and your guests soon, with twice the heart, love and hospitality.

Warm regards and take good care of yourself,

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