Liebe Flandern Freunde, Liebe Besucher,

um die Sicherheit von Einheimischen wie auch Besuchern zu gewährleisten und die Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus einzudämmen, hat die belgische Regierung entsprechende Maßnahmen ergriffen.
Die aktuellen Informationen dazu finden Sie hier:

COVID-19 | Informationen über Maßnahmen und Einschränkungen in Belgien
Deutschland – Auswärtiges Amt
Österreich - Bundesministerium für europäische und internationale Angelegenheiten

Wenn Sie für eine Dauer von 48 Stunden oder mehr nach Belgien reisen, müssen Sie 48 Stunden vor Ihrer Ankunft in Belgien ein Passenger Locator Formular ausfüllen. Klicken Sie hier für das Passenger Locator Online-Formular.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie so bald wie möglich wieder mit der gewohnten Gastfreundschaft in Flandern begrüßen zu können.

Auf bald und passen Sie gut auf sich auf.

If you are a travel agent or a tour organizer, on this platform you will find some useful information and up to date links on Covid-19 facts from Flanders, to assist you in planning your future tours to our destination. If you’re looking for promotional material or other useful information (not related to Covid-19), please contact your local team.

Latest information on Covid-19 and travel here.

More useful updated information about the situation in Belgium can be found on European website
„Re-open EU“ here.

The COVID Event Risk Model helps you organise a COVID-safe event. Click here for more information.

Travel with our YouFlanders app - the app helps you to make the right choice when travelling through Flanders. It lets you see which places are quiet or busy. Moreover, it gives you practical information about health and safety measures. Click here for more information and/or download.

Here is a summary highlighting key information (last update 29th November 2021, 8:00 am):

  • The golden rules remain in force, namely:
    - respect the hygiene regulations (wearing of face masks & washing/disinfecting hands: in public places where social distancing cannot be guaranteed and mandatory on public transport for all travellers from the age of 12)
    - take extra precautions for people belonging to risk groups
    - respect the physical distancing of 1.5 meters
    - as of Nov. 22th on the face mask mandate applies to everyone older than 10 years. Face masks are mandatory: in public transport, railway/bus/metro/tramway stations, shops and malls, restaurants & bars, conference venues, trade fairs, auditoria, places of worship, court houses, libraries and during protest marches, in busy shopping streets and at markets. Wearing a face mask remains highly recommended in all other cases, especially in situations where the safety distance cannot be guaranteed. Everybody needs to be in possession of a face mask at all times.
    - the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) must be shown in following sectors: restaurants & bars, any events (theatre, concerts, sports,...), any sports club, activities over 50 attendees, museums (exhibtions, etc.), some of the Christmas markets and winter activities. For more information about the CST for non EU foreigners click here 
  • Borders & Travelling:
    - what are the current travel restrictions from and to Belgium? Click here for more detailed information about the current restrictions.
    - non-essential travel from 3rd country stays forbidden until further notice for those who don´t reside in the EU. Only exception: travelers with a correct and valid vaccination certificate
    - if you are travelling to Belgium for a duration of 48 hours or more,  and you´re older than 12 years, you are required to fill in a Passenger Locator Form 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium. This form will be used both for leisure and business trips. Click here for the Passenger Locator online form
  • - before you leave and during your stay in Flanders, regularly consult the websites of cities and/or provinces  in order to be well informed about the measures applicable there. 
    - see the information on the relevant foreign ministry website
  • Accommodation:
    - all types of accomodations are open (incl. hotels, apart hotels, B&B`s, holiday homes) with the exception of their restaurants, and other communal facilities (e.g. shared bathroom, pool and fitness room). Meals can be taken in the room. It is urgently recommended to make reservations beforehand. 
  • Culture & Recreation: 
    -  museums are open
    -  zoos are open and this according to the same rules as the nature parks
    -  as of June 9th casinos, amusement arcades, amusement parks, wellness centres, party and reception venues, indoor playgrounds, night clubs and dance halls, bowling alleys, fun fairs, cinemas, theatres, concert halls can open again with a limited number of visitors
  • Gastronomy / Restaurants / Bars:
    -  cafés, bars and restaurants close at 11.00 pm every night
    -  the maximum number of people per table is 6. A distance of least 1.5 meters must be maintained between tables.
    -  all nightclubs are closed
    -  wearing a face mask is mandatory when entering, or moving around, in restaurants/bars. You can only take the mask off when sitting down and the CST has been checked. Remark: the face mask mandate now applies to everyone older than 10 years.
  • Guiding and Tour Escorts
    - outdoor: organized guided tours with a maximum of 25 people over 12 years old are allowed again (1 guide + 24 guests, children up to and including 12 years are not counted) 
    - indoor: organized guided tours with a maximum of 25 people over 12 years old are allowed again (1 guide + 24 guests, children up to and including 12 years are not counted), as far as the building allows this with regard to the measures concerning the available space and good ventilation and/or extraction. Based on this criteria, each museum decides for itself how many people can take part in a guided tour in a safe and high-quality manner (lower limit: undetermined, upper limit: max. 25 people). The museums are free to decide whether and when they want to organise guided tours.
    - detailed information can be found on the websites of the respective cities under Cities & Regions
  • Cultural and sportive events:
    - you can find all useful information and links to assist you in planning your future events in Flanders on the website "Meet in Flanders" *
    - further restrictions include: wearing of face masks, audiences to be seated, social distance keeping of 1.5 meters and purchasing tickets online in advance.
  • Conference, meetings & events:
    - indoor public events must be seated and us the Covid Safe Tickste (CST) and face masks  
    - you can find all useful information and links to assist you in planning your future conference in Flanders, once it is allowed again, on the website "Meet in Flanders" *
  • Receptions & banquets:
    - private events are banned
    - you can find all useful information and links to assist you in planning your receptions & banquets in Flanders on the website "Meet in Flanders" *
  • Festivals and other big events attracting masses of people:
    - you can find all useful information and links to assist you in planning your future events in Flanders on the website "Meet in Flanders" *
  • Shopping
    - professional flea markets are allowed again
    - no more obligation to fix an appointment in shops. The maximum number of customers allowed inside simultaneously depends on the size of the shop and is capped at a maximum of 50 people irrespective of size. Two people from the same family may enter the shop together. Essential shops (e.g. food shops and pharmacies as well as shops for hygiene products, clothing fabrics, flowers and plants, telecom stores, newsagents and bookshops) may continue to receive customers without an appointment.
  • - restrictions: face masks are obligatory, social distance 1.5 meters, hand hygiene, electronic payment. Shopping is allowed for max. 2 people together (exception: in Brussels only 1 person at time) 
  • Health & Safety: The Belgian State health care system provides free emergency care for visiting EU citizens, under the same terms as locals, using the European Health Insurance Card, EHIC (formerly E111). Anyone else requires private health insurance – e.g. tourists, as part of their travel insurance – in order to be able to recoup any potential costs, and recieve any non-emergency care (including repatriation) etc.
    Click here for more information.

     (the information contained in this website is subject to change without notice)
If currently in Flanders now, or planning a trip soon, those persons are asked to contact their respective government’s advice for the most up-to-date information, relevant to their stay.

We hope to welcome you and your guests soon, with twice the heart, love and hospitality.

Warm regards and take good care of yourself,

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