A visit to the Experience Centre ‘14-’18 submerges you in the life during the war and does this in an interesting and interactive way. From the first hand, testimonies teach you how everyday life was back then. Pictures, anecdotes and gripping life stories make you feel like you were there yourself. But you are also shown the bigger picture: the fights and the international context behind the misery of war.
Belevingscentrum '14-'18


Kruineikestraat 5a
3150 Tildonk


From Friday, March 10, 2017
To Sunday, March 12, 2017


+32 (0)16 26 76 28

Accessibility information

The pavement in front of the entrance is 150 cm wide. There is a reserved parking space. Maybe you need help to open the quite heavy door. Inside easily accessible with a desk that accommodates wheelchairs. The passageways are wide everywhere and there is an elevator that is easily accessible. The toilet is easily accessible, with sufficient installation space and grab rails. The washbasin is less suitable for wheelchair users. The textual information and interactive elements are readable, accessible and usable from the wheelchair. The information is available in writing at the reception for foreign-language speakers. Blind and visually impaired persons can request these texts digitally beforehand. The brasserie is also easily accessible and has tables that accommodate wheelchairs. The terrace is accessible, but the tables accommodate wheelchairs in a limited way.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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