The Provincial Archaeological Museum at Ename throws light on the history of the Flemish Ardennes, in particular in the late middle ages.
Pam - Ename


Lijnwaadmarkt 20
9700 Oudenaarde


From Friday, March 10, 2017
To Sunday, March 12, 2017


+32 (0)55 30 90 40

Accessibility information

The museum is easily accessible and has a specially adapted toilet. There is a specially adapted parking space near the entrance to the museum, which has a low reception desk and a lift. The showcases are sufficiently low and a wheelchair can be provided by the museum. Tactile surfaces are provided for the blind and visually impaired and you can also touch replicas of valuable objects and listen to special audio guides. Texts in large type are also available. A special educational programme for visitors with a learning disability is available. Subtitling is provided for visitors with a hearing impairment. For those with hearing difficulties, there is also an audio guide. Tour guides are available on request.

Local map

Below you will find an interactive map.

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