This time, Access Day covers a whole weekend, giving you plenty of time to find your favorite activity and to enjoy.

As a visitor

Do you have a disability yourself or do you know someone with a disability? Are you working for a disability organisation?
  • This is a good start already. Here you will find a wide range of tips to make this your Access Day, with ample descriptions telling you exactly what you can expect. More inspiration is easy to find in our brochures and on our Facebook page. Or use the digital map of Accessible Tourism in Flanders to plan your trip.
  • Don't forget to Enjoy! (This is why we do it)
  • Share your story. Did you try something, made a discovery? Write your impressions down, add a few photographs on Instagram (#accessday) or send by e-mail. This will inspire more people to follow your lead.

What do the tourism providers in flanders do?

Visit Flanders helps the leisure and tourism sector in Flanders (Belgium) to make the region a holiday destination for everybody. Access Day is an excellent occasion to show the results.
Many tourism facilities have made structural provisions to cater for a wide audience.

In the weekend from 10 to 12 March museums and attractions highlight Access Day with extra activities, open for of visitors with disabilities and able-bodied people. Of course,  it doesn't stop here. Various awareness raising and training materials and events prepare tourism professionals for the growing market of people with accessibility needs.

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