Srin Madipali

Flanders? Yes, it's a "very nice place to be", says London travel-blogger Srin madipalli, an international authority on accessible travel. He traverses the world in his electric wheelchair in search of destinaions where people with a desability are welcomed with open arms. And according to Srin, Flanders is absolutely one of those places.

Srin Madipali

Srin Madipalli blogs passionately about this travels. The world is his second home. "It is an unbelievably exciting place. You learn so much when you travel." Everyone deserves a holiday, says Srin. So travelling must be accessible for everyone no matter their background, culture or physical limitations.

Travelling is part of an active live

That drive is also behind his online lifestyle magazine Disability Horizons, in which Srin and his team blog about living life to the fullest with a disability. "We want to inspire and encourage others with a disability to enjoy their lives to the fullest", sas Srin. The onlinemagazine is a huge success. In no time at all his team took it a step further and created, a website with more than 500 fully accessible accommodations at every corner of the clobe. The site has already received attention from media giants like CNN, BBC and the New York Times.

Accommodations that want to appear on must submit a whole raft of information. "We ask for photos where we can clearly see that the accommodation is accessible. And the experiences shared by travellers themselves are really importants to us. Our users must be able to depend on correct information."

Flanders provides excellent information for travellers with a disability

Srin in Leuven

Good preparation takes time

He knows what he's talking about. Travelling with a disability means hours of preparation. Transportation, accommodation and attractions must be checked for accessibility in advance. "And then you realise just how much time it takes to find suitable transportation and accommodation, often at the expense of time needed for the actual travel preparations, like searching for fun activities and attractions." That's why the team wants to expand its focus. In addition to accommodation info, the site will also provide information about transportation, healthcare and possibilities for borrowing medical aides.

Thumbs up for Flanders

How does Srin remember his recent visit to Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen? "All my travel plans turned out to be completely feasible in Flanders, with a bit of extra organisation here and there", he says. Popular tourist attractions accessible? Check! "Sometimes I couldn't visit part of a building, but I didn't feel like i was really missing much because of it. After all, we can't expect building of historical value to be 100% accessible. That's not possible."

Also when it comes to providing information, Srin gives Flanders a thumbs up. "Flanders provides excellent, reliable information for travellers with a disability and therefore ranks up ther with the world's best. Keep it up", he says with a smile.

Srin Madipalli (30) as a degree in Biochemistry, Law and an MBA. He specialised in coding of websites. Srin is a dyed-in-the-wool blogger and traveller. He has the muscle disease SMA and uses an electric wheelchair for mobility.

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