Banner brochure Tips voor een geschikte transportkeuze
Experienced travellers with disabilities may have already been able to experience what their most comfortable way to travel is. Those with less experience might benefit from a few tips about choosing and booking a suitable means of transport.
At land, at sea and in the air - Accessibility Brochure.

This guide will help you choose a suitable means of transport to and from your holiday destination in Flanders. You will receive information about the advantages and disadvantages of the various means of transport. We also provide practical tips about booking your chosen means of transport and we indicate a few points of interest. If you are unsure about a suitable choice, it may be best to ask your treating physician for advice.”.

Looking for practical options for accessible transport in Flanders and Brussels? From public transport to accessible taxis and coach companies: it’s all in our brochure on accessible transport in Flanders and Brussels.  

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