We offer you here the answer on frequently asked questions regarding the ComingWorldRememberMe Land Art Installation.

How do the godmothers and godfathers get linked to a victim from the ‘Name List’?

The connection between a war victim and a godfather or a godmother is done by computer. All godfathers and godmothers are listed in a database. This database is then automatically connected to the ‘Names List’.  Every dog tag is engraved with the name of a First World War victim and the name of the statue maker. In this way, each tag quite literally connects the past with the present. A transparent work of art by artist Koen Vanmechelen offers a place to all 600,000 dog tags. From 30 March you can search for the names you are linked with on the website www.cwrm.be.

Can I choose a victim of the ‘Names List’ to be linked with?

The creators of ComingWorldRememberMe have chosen not to do this because it does not fit the vision of the project. One of their main goals is to connect people across borders and generations. In this process the identity of all the individuals (the participants and the victims) does not play a key part. They want to emphasize the universal character of war. The clay figure is a universal artefact that perfectly illustrates the message ComingWorldRememberMe wants to communicate: we are the others and the former. Every new generation is responsible for carrying and cherishing the universal striving for peace. In this way it symbolizes the vision and mission of CWRM.

What happens with the sculptures after COMINGWORLDREMEMBERME?

Because of the nature of the location, it is only possible for the full land art installation to remain temporarily in the Palingbeek provincial park. However, a permanent place in no-man’s-land will be given to the dog tags with the names of the victims and the makers of the statues. 

Once the display period is over, the organizers will ensure that the statues are removed in a respectful manner. At the end of 2018, the makers of the statues will be given the opportunity to come and collect a statue from the installation. As far as the remaining uncollected statues are concerned, the organizers will seek to find museum-related uses for them at different locations, both in Belgium and abroad.

What does the sculpture ‘New Generation’ represent?

The sculpture is a human figure that is huddled and introverted contemplating itself and the world. At the same time it is ready to pop-up again. This makes ‘New Generation’ also a symbol for a hopeful future. The clay figure is a universal artefact that perfectly illustrates the message of ComingWorldRememberMe: we are the others and the former.

Can I purchase the sculpture ‘New Generation’?

No, that is not possible. The sculpture "New Generation" is part of a collective of 600,000 which will form the land art installation "ComingWorldRememberMe". Each sculpture is inalienable and unique and is part of that whole. At the end of 2018 all godmothers- and fathers will get the chance to take a sculpture home.

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