Koen Vanmechelen is the artist behind the CWRM project and the land art installation in Ypres. 

By bringing together and exploring the interplay between art, science and philosophy in his work, Vanmechelen reflects upon our global heritage and examines the way that we choose to live and evolve.

With projects like ‘The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project’, ‘The Open University of Diversity’ and ‘The Accident’, Koen Vanmechelen explores the fields of diversity and identity. Community engagement is integral to Vanmechelen’s approach.

His contents and imagination have already been respected internationally for many years. Vanmechelen’s oeuvre is a tribute to life and aims at a new cosmopolitan man. He cherishes cultural differences. Is open-minded. Strives to understand the others.

Lives of constructive confrontations. Shifts boundaries. Is looking for symbiosis. Tries to redefine the emotionally charged concepts of ‘identity’ and ‘diversity’ in a world which used to be without borders and which will become borderless again. The same philosophy that characterizes ComingWorldRememberMe.

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