As the park is a not that close to the centre the best is to take your car to visit the land art installation. There are two large car parks close to it. Parking and admission is free.


There is no charge for admission to the land art installation and the provincial park. The park can be visited freely by individual visitors and small groups. Groups coming by coach are advised to book via the website. The entire walk takes about one hour. However, from the car park you can also walk directly to the observation bridge via the paved path. In that case,the visit should take about 30 minutes. Naturally, every visitor wants to view the installation from the observation bridge. On busy days, please limit your time on the bridge so that everyone gets the opportunity to do so.

Car park

There is a large car park at the entrance to the park. There is space for cars and coaches. There are also toilets at the car park and there is a cafeteria nearby. 

There is also an information point open 7 days a week from 9 am -12:30 pm and 1 till 5 pm.
Address: Palingbeekstraat 10, 8902 Zillebeke (50°48’50.41N  , 2°55’13.02”O )
There will also be a second car park at the Palingbeek Park’s visitor centre. From there, it is a 30-minute walk to the installation.
Address: Vaartstraat 7, 8902 Zillebeke


The walk runs through the provincial park via grassy paths, wooden boardwalks, and paved paths. Please take into account that in rainy weather the ground can get wet and muddy. The path running directly to the observation point is entirely paved. 

The part of the route where you can listen to war poetry involves climbing a flight of stairs. This means that wheelchair and buggy users will need to go back the way they came. The nature of the ground means that it is not feasible to find an alternative solution.

How to get there

The provincial park is easy to reach by car (right to the car park), bus, and bicycle. From January 2018, more information about alternative mobility and accessibility will be available on and also at the Ypres tourist information office.

Visit Flanders Fields

Visit the WWI sites close to the land art installation and follow the ComingWorldRememberMe itinerary. Or go for another itinerary that brings you to the WWI heritage in Flanders Fields. Find and book an accommodation in or around Ypres and Flanders Fields.

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