Ghent Shopping - (c)

There's more to the cobbled streets of Ghent than ancient and medieval buildings. In fact the city is crammed with a host of fantastic shopping!

Ghent's main shops are situated in the Veldstraat area. But you'll find an interesting array of shops throughout the city ranging from trendy designer clothing shops to romantic and charming gift shops selling anything from soaps to sweets. Don't miss Confiserie Temmerman, Ghent's 19th century sweet shop selling their famous 'neus' or nose shape candy sweets.

Quirky shops

Herbal Shop Tierenteyn Ghent - ©Tomas Kubes

Ghent has its fair share of slightly quirky shops, too! Ghent's speciality Mustard shop serves a delectable selection of pungent spreads which can be sampled before you buy. Housed in a charming old townhouse, a visit to this quaint store is a must. And be sure to drop in at Priem, a real ‘blast from the past’ with everything from retro wallpaper from the 70s to the latest 'must-have' wall coverings.

Trendy shopping

Zsa Zsa Rouge Ghent - ©Sandra De Lobel

Wander down Vlaanderenstraat and you will find all kinds of unusual boutiques in this up-and-coming part of town. Eva Bos is a good example. This vintage couture shop sells everything that the eponymous owner likes: vintage, her own unique designs, plus the latest Paris collections. Essentially, it's an eclectic mix of everything that a girl needs to get ready for a party, sold from a shop with an original Art Deco façade. Other funky shops to look out for include Queens, Vitrapoint, Oona and Barista Coffee & Cake. You can even stay in this cool part of town: check out the newly-opened Faja Lobi Cafe and B&B, where you can eat Surinamese food, listen to live music till 3 am, and then crash out upstairs!

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