At the 'City by the Sea', over five and a half miles of sandy beaches invites you to delightful sunbathing and a refreshing dip in the North Sea. After frolicking in the sun, take a walk down the promenade where you will find many shops, bars and restaurants.

Ostend is a cosmopolitan city with a harbour, yacht-basin, airport and over 50 hotels. Visitors will be amazed by all there is to see and do. All year round, many activities take place. Some highlights are: Oostende at Anchor, Theatre by the Sea, Sparkling Mondays, Magic Lights in the Park, the Christmas Market with huge ice-skating ramp and Carnival week-end with the well known Dead Rat Ball. Vodcast of the seaside city of  Ostend presented by Simon Calder and Ben Ross.

One of Ostend's main, and maybe lesser known, trump cards is the gastronomy. What better place to sample the sea's delicacies than on the seaside. There are many restaurants, ranging from exclusive hot spots to cosy bistros, so there is something to suit everyone's taste and budget. The specialities are Dover Sole, shrimp croquettes and 'tomato filled with shrimps'. There is also plenty to keep you amused later on in the evening such as pubs, clubs and cinema complexes.  Check out today's and the forecast for the weather in Ostend.

Info Point

Monacoplein 2, 8400 Ostend T: +32 59 70 11 99

Discover Ostend!

  1. Ostend - City by the Sea
    Stroll through the permanent walkable art gallery that street art festival The Crystal Ship turned the city into.
  2. Mu.ZEE Ostend

    Dive head first into the fantastic collection of modern art in Mu.ZEE, with extra attention for Ostend’s finest James Ensor.

  3. Ostend - The Casino-Kursaal

    The stately Casino-Kursaal, not just for gambling, but for all sorts of events and entertainment.

  4. Venetian Galleries at Ostend - icon
    Take a walk across Ostends sandy beaches or through the majestic Royal Galleries, with a lookout on the North Sea.
  5. The Mercator - Ostend
    Ship Ahoy! The sailing ship Mercator and the training ship Amandine both lie at anchor in Ostend and have been fitted out as museums.
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