Museum for modern art (MuZEE) ©Westtoer

The most important art museum on the Belgian Coast is Ostend's Mu.Zee, which has a large collection of mainly contemporary Belgian work. James Ensor, the innovative early 20th century Belgian artist lived in Ostend, many of his most famous works are in the Getty museum in Los Angeles but you can still see his family home in Ostend.

Art & Architecture at the Flemish Coast

An art highlight is the museum dedicated to Surrealist Paul Delvaux that can be found in Koksijde. But it is not only in museums that art is to be found; in Knokke-Heist, it is worth popping into the casino to see works by Paul Delvaux, Rene Magritte and Keith Haring, and the town also has a plethora of commercial art galleries where contemporary art can be bought.

The medieval buildings in Nieuwpoort and the Napoleonic fort in Ostend are noteworthy but given the youth of many of the resorts, the period for which this region is best known is the 19th century - 20th century: admire the majestic galleries on Ostend's promenade, the Belle Epoque houses of De Haan and the villas of De Panne's Dumont neighbourhood.

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