Castles and gardens outside the city walls

Kastelen en tuinen buiten de stadsmuren

A noble legacy

Flanders is a treasure trove of heritage. The cities brim with history and stories. These often span out into their green surroundings. Noble families lived sumptuously in the city, but they also built a legacy in the surrounding hinterland. Today, we are still able to enjoy all that beauty.

And we can get there in a flash too. Whereas, at the time, it took Louis of Gruuthuse half a day to travel from the centre of Bruges to his country house in the Bruges hinterland, today we do it in half an hour. Join us as we explore palatial city palaces, castles and estates, both in the city and in the countryside.

Bruges & the Bruges Hinterland

Bruges is a magnificent spectacle. The iconic tops of the cathedral and belfry, the historic canals and cobbled streets, the whitewashed façades and the opulent city palaces. The grandeur the city exudes today was built in part by the noble families of the past. They helped shape both the city and the city’s hinterland.

Peerdenbrug © Toerisme Brugge - © Jan D'Hondt

Castles in Brabant

A great many historic castles in the former Duchy of Brabant open their majestic gates to the general public. Spread across the beautiful landscapes of Flanders and the Netherlands, they bear witness to a rich past. Let their intriguing stories take you through centuries of history.

Hof ter Laken (c) Bruno Janssens