Ralf Tobiesen - Danish Ambassador for Flanders

... tasting all the Belgian beers. He started Det Belgiske Hus and imports his favorite beers to Danish delicacy stores and restaurants.



Danish Ralf Tobiesen did what every tourist in Flanders dreams of, tasting all the Belgian beers.

  • Name: Ralf Tobiesen
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Living in: Ghent
  • Born in: Fredericia, Danmark
  • Passionate about: people, gastronomy, motor cycles and fancy cars
  • Profession: distributor of Danish and Belgian specialty beers

Ralf is the Danish beer pope who feels at home in every brewery in Belgium. Still, he didn’t stay in Flanders just for the beer, but mostly because of love. He enjoys wandering on small cobblestoned streets and riding his motorcycle from one historic city to another. Now Ralf lives partly in Denmark and partly in Ghent, enjoying the best of both worlds. Read more about Ralfs favorite cities and beers in Flanders.

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