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Centuries-old heritage and beer, education and youth sum Leuven up nicely. The rich history of this city, just a stone’s throw from Brussels, is visible in its Great Beguinage, Gothic town hall, Baroque Saint Michael’s Church with its unique outdoor altar and the numerous artistic treasures of Museum M.

Leuven, Mecca of Books and Beer

Its youthfulness can be seen in countless terraces crowded with students. Leuven is home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. This gives the city a special prestige. There are beacons of knowledge, such as the impressive university library. Beer and entertainment can be found here as well. That’s only to be expected of a university city. Its great Stella Artois brewery, home to over 600 years of brewing expertise, is a prime example. Who’s to say eduation again and drinks can’t go together, after all?

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48 hours in Leuven: knowledge, culture and a vibrant student population

In Leuven, centuries-old heritage and the freedom of student life form a seamless whole. Discover its pleasant city centre and artistic highlights, one of Europe’s oldest universities with a rich history, oases of tranquility and the continent’s longest bar.

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