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Walking and cycling is the best way to discover the beautiful and historic region of Flanders Fields. There are many walking and cycling routes that take you along significant landscapes and sights related to The Great War, and to some of the most iconic women of that time. Discover Her side of the War from close-by.

Käthe Kollwitz cycle route

This 'circular' route is the ideal way to discover the story of Käthe Kollwitz and explore the wartime landscapes of the past. The route is 42,5 kilometres long and is signposted in one direction with a series of easily recognizable six-sided boards, coloured brown with a red poppy. The route leaflet with map can be purchased at the local tourist office or online from
Distance: 42,5 km (27 mi)

IJzer 14-18 cycle route

The point of departure is the market square in Diksmuide. Ijzer 14-18 traces the old frontline and follows in the footsteps of the Angels of Pervijze: Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm. A number of military cemeteries and the Grieving Parents by Käthe Kollwitz are also included in the route. The route leaflet with map can be purchased at the local tourist office or online from
Distance: 41 km (26 mi)

Her Side of the War themed cycle routes

The revised Westtoer cycling junction network forms the basis for two themed cycling routes devoted to Her Side of the War. The first loop is 33 kilometres long and focuses on Mietje Deboeuf and Madame Tack in Oudekapelle and Nieuwkapelle. The second loop, also 33 kilometres in distance, takes in Pervijze and Stuivekenskerke. Enthusiastic cyclists can combine both loops in a circuit of 47 kilometres. You can get the routes at the local tourist office in Diksmuide.
Distance: 33 km (21 mi)

De Panne and the First World War walking and cycling map

One hundred years after the Great War, a useful and free walking and cycling map takes you to all the most important locations, war relics and commemorative monuments in De Panne. Install the Layar app on your smartphone or tablet and bring the local surroundings to life. The walking and cycling map is available from the culture office, the tourist office and the local library in De Panne.

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