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The Great War was not an exclusively male affair. Women too played their part, although not on the battlefield.

Their work was focused on local communities and family life. These women handled childcare and business matters, took initiatives in order to maintain healthcare and education and established a network of solidarity across ethnic and cultural boundaries.

In a series of exhibitions we honour several iconic women:

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Flanders Fields Package

Hotel Cosmopolite *** in Nieuwpoort offers a two night stay in a comfort room with an extensive breakfast buffet. Also included in the package are: a ticket for the Museum at the Yser in Diksmuide (incl. a visit to the temporary exhibition Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm), a ticket for the Western Front Visitors’ Centre in Nieuwpoort, an info-pack with a map of the 14-18 car route, a market menu in Restaurant ComilFo and a ’14-18’ beer in Brasserie Carrousel. Book this package for € 180 per person (double comfort room) via or +32 58 23 33 66.

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