The landscape of Flanders Fields. A witness of World War I

More than a century ago, the First World War would forever transform the landscape of the Flanders Fields region. Hundreds of cemeteries, monuments and permanent reminders appeared among the picturesque villages, fields and quiet roads.

During the LANDSCAPES | Feel Flanders Fields theme year (April 2023-August 2024), we invite you to reflect on how these landscapes, which still bear the scars of war over 100 years later, bore witness to the brutal conflict, with a dedicated programme of special events and exhibitions, landscape art and A.R. experiences, but also numerous cycling, walking and sailing routes.

Museums & Exhibitions

Discover the broad programme of exhibitions to learn more about the former war landscape of Flanders Fields.


Attend one of these special events to get a new perspective on the Flanders Fields landscape.

Experiences in the landscape

Over a century ago, hundreds of cemeteries, monuments and other silent witnesses appeared amongst picturesque villages, fields and quiet roads. New experiences within that landscape invite you to reflect on the past and to look ahead to the future.

How to get to Flanders Fields?

Plan your trip with the useful travel information on how to get to Flanders and how to visit Flanders Fields.

In Flanders Fields

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Belgische militaire begraafplaats, Ramskapelle