Flanders Fields is dotted with hundreds of relics, monuments and cemeteries which have great historical significance for the people of many nations. There are numerous museums which explain in an interactive way all the aspects of the Third battle of Ypres.


Mesen or Messines has a special place in the history of the Irish people. It was here, on 7 June 1917, that two Irish divisions – the 16th Division from Catholic Ireland and the 36th Division from the Protestant community in Ulster – fought side by side. Also, the New Zealand Division took part in the Messines Offensive with 8000 soldiers.

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The battle of Messines took place on Heuvelland/Wijtschate territory. Numerous relics of this battle can be found in the landscape of this hilly area.

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Throughout the war, Ypres and the Ypres Salient, the area around Ypres, was the scene of the heaviest battles. These fierce battles have left their mark on the landscape around the city. 

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The name Zonnebeke probably doesn’t sound very familiar, but almost everyone has heard of its neighbouring village: Passendale (Passchendaele). It was here that, in 1917, the allied forces fought for several months in a desperate bid to break the German line. Passchendaele was for the allies what Verdun was for the French and they soon began referring to the village as ‘Passion-dale’: the valley of suffering.

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